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Note: This is a review site on the top Cell spying software’s Spybubble and Highster Mobile.

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Hopefully the video that I have made of me talking about these two software packages has been helpful in deciding on what cell spy software to download.To get my mobile tracker software free download and to get the latest reviews on these two programs then read on.

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If you read on you will see some of the real life examples on how these programs have literally saved my eldest daughters life but to put it into a couple of paragraphs the reason I needed a spy software was as you are aware if you have read the about me page, you will know that I have 4 children and with life being a busy as it is I felt to be able to track my kids movements would be a necessity.

You see my eldest daughter is 14 and she had become quite defiant, lying and deceptive. She is trusted to catch multiple buses after school 3 days per week to go to her dancing classes and this was a be worry to me.

She’s not an overly bad child by any means but she was getting messages late at night from who knows, going on lots of sleep overs and she smelt like cigarettes on a number of occasions.

One night which drew the line she was brought back home drunk at 14 when the police had found her lying passed out on the middle of the road. That night she was having another sleep over at her girlfriends house, the girlfriend had invited boys to there house because the parents had gone out which I was not aware of. The boy had brought drink with them and had gotten the girls drunk, her girlfriend went off with the boys and had left my daughter there to defend for herself. We were so lucky that the police had found her and not some sick minded individual.

That was it we then started to look for a way to track what she was doing all the time, unfortunately we couldn’t trust her anymore. So the search had started for a product like the 2 that are on this site. At first I found a mobile tracker software free download that didn’t work and actually gave my computer viruses. Then we ended up spending around $400 on more dud software products. In the end we came across Spybubble and Highster Mobile which were outstanding and have really been a life safer ever since.

“These Two Cell Spying Software Packages are the best available and I recommend you take a hard look at these before you commit to anything else. It would be impossible to keep my kids safe without these Tracker Software’s in this day and Age”

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Mobile Tracker Software Product Reviews

Welcome back to the mobile tracker software free download website, I will be reviewing the top 2 products when it comes to cell spying and mobile tracking.

I have used both of these programs and still do to help keep my children safe. I will firstly discuss the More Expensive cell spying software and that software is called Spybubble.

Please Note: Spybubble has been taken off the market as the developers are updating the entire app with all new features and compatibility. So in the mean time I have left this review as it is and will update it after the eventually re-release of Spybubble.

For now I recommend using Highster Mobile as it’s is my choice out of the two of them anyway. See the Full Highster Mobile review and comparison to spybubble below or go straight to Highster mobile at the link below.

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The absolute best mobile tracker software free download I will discuss is the tracking software called Highster Mobile. This software like all good one’s is not available as a free download but they do offer just like Spybubble a free live trial demo for you to sample the power of these programs.

Highster Mobile

highster mobileThe Highster Mobile is by far the superior of the two it does both cell spying and is incredible to help parents towards Parental Control or even business owners that give their employees company phones.

With this software it can create restrictions on the phone to stop them calling certain numbers, browsing particular websites or even from sending or receiving sms messages from a particular number or numbers, access the phones microphone and so much more.

You can also spy on as many cell phones as you like with each one just needed a seperate license key, it comes with tons of features to utilize as I will discuss briefly below.

It can locate the user via gps tracking, lock the phone remotely, create time restrictions on their phone and wipe any data they want from the target phone remotely, read their sms messages and much much more.

Here’s what I think about highster mobile even though it’s not free and if you want a good mobile tracker software free download then you will have trouble finding one but for the $69 one time payment that they ask for Highster Mobile I would certainly have a good look.

So for more information about Highster I have added in another video that was created to show you quickly what it is, what it does and some of the features. The best part about this phone monitoring intro type video is the cool music.

Okay, hopefully that video as brief as it was still gave you a real quick look at Highster Mobile and what it does in the terms of features.

” Highster Mobile Is By Far The Best And Most Complete Parental Control And Mobile Tracking Software All In One Package That Is Available Anywhere”

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What I Disliked About These Products

Mobile Tracker Software Free Download – What I Disliked

Ok so there are a few things that I disliked with both Spybubble and the Highster Mobile software’s. I have listed them on my review site to give you all a heads up on what to look out for.

  • I disliked the support that the Highster Mobile offered, it took nearly 2 days to get an answer back from these guys when I first started.
  • Setup – The setup with both of these mobile tracker software’s were a little hard and I did have a little trouble at first. Now I believe they have fixed this and made it an easy step by step process where they explain every step in a simple to follow format

There’s not to much to complain about with these two software packages. I did think it was necessary to add these to the site and lastly I was a little bugged that I couldn’t find a working or real mobile tracker software free download but in saying that after you purchase and use these cell spying software’s you will see that the technology involved would have cost an absolute fortune to create and maintain.

Read Below To See The Stuff I Liked.

The Features I Loved About These Spy Products

The Mobile Tracker Software Free Download, The features that I loved with both products.

On this mobile tracker software free download site I have decided to list the features that I  loved the most and why I loved them, especially how these features were able to benefit me in my situation. See the List Below:

  • GPS Tracking – This feature is by far the most practical cell spying feature of them all and for me the one that I have used the most. When my daughter would say she is going to her friends house for a sleep over I was able to log on for example at around 10pm and find out whether she was actually at her friends house or out walking the streets or even at somebody house that she is not allowed at altogether. This feature comes with both Spybubble and the Highster Mobile.
  • Sms Text Tracking – I would use Highster Mobile to check on the sms message’s she was receiving and sending especially when it was late at night. In one instance I even stopped some 22 year old from convincing her to come over his house to hang out.I new about it before it happened and rang the boy and told him to keep his distance from my 14 year old daughter. I then also used the Highster Mobile software to block her from sending or receiving messages from this individual.
  • Website Tracking – These day’s Facebook is being used by many disgusting predators to stalk on young trusting kids, they build trust with them and try to convince them to meet.

How I Saved My Daughter From A Face Book Predator!

My daughter was convinced she was talking to a 14 year old boy from another school, he had a profile and pictures and a very convincing story.

She eventually invited this so called boy to the go to the movies with her, in the mean time I had been tracking this whole conversation from the beginning, because I was tracking her every move via Gps and the entire conversation I was able to arrive at the movies where they were going to meet I couldn’t see any boy that fit the description at all and when my daughter arrived a man in his 40’s approached my daughter and tried to convince her that he was the father of the boy and he was about to pick him up and asked my daughter to come along for the ride and that he would drop the both of them off at the movies again.

This man new my daughters name and this boy’s name very convincing at that stage, I ran over and introduced myself to my daughters shock as her father, the 40 odd year old  was obviously lying and said nothing to me and drove off in his car quite quickly. I reported him to the local police and it ended up that this individual was a known sex offender. I have now banned Facebook from my house by blocking access to the site altogether. This can be done with both Spybubble and the Highster Mobile Software.

As you can see these are just a few of the features that I loved about these two software’s. There are a heap more but I thought I would just list my favorites on this mobile tracker software free download site, depending on your situation you may find different features that you find useful.

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Mobile Tracker and Cell Spy Product Comparisons

I have put together a product comparison for the purpose of this mobile tracker software free download site to give you all a complete look at the differences that these two cell spy software’s offer. Take a look below:

                                                                                                         Spybubble                        Highster Mobile

  • SMS Tracking (read all sms messages)                                                 YES                                YES
  • Call Tracking (see call log incoming + outgoing)                                      YES                               YES
  • Call and SMS Number Blocking                                                              NO                                YES
  • Access Data from any PC                                                                    YES                               YES
  • Create Time Restrictions On Phone                                                          NO                                YES
  • Website Tracking and Spying                                                                   YES                               YES
  • GPS Location Monitoring                                                                        YES                              YES
  • Phone/Contact Access                                                                         YES                               YES
  • Email Tracking                                                                                     YES                               YES
  • Remote Locking                                                                                    YES                               YES
  • Wipe Personal Data                                                                              NO                               YES
  • Photo Tracking                                                                                    YES                               YES
  • Access Phones Microphone (Environment Listening)                               YES                                YES
  • Completely Undetectable                                                                       YES                                YES

As you can see on this on this mobile tracking software free download site I have listed all of the features for both Spybubble and the Highster Mobile. From the comparisons list above its obvious that they are both powerful parent control devices and great mobile spying software’s.

After using both Spybubble and Highster Mobile I find Highster Mobile to more diverse as a complete spy tool. Both are great and have been my choice of tracking data and keeping my kids safe in this day and age. There is no comparison out there all the rest to me seem to be complete utter crap.

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Mobile Tracker Software Free Download – My Final Thoughts

To end these reviews I understand your disappointment that there is no Mobile Tracker Software Free Download available but I do hope the reviews on the very best two cell tracking software’s have been helpful. I thought I would give you my final thoughts on these two parental control software packages.

Firstly Spybubble, well this software delivers on every aspect that is promised. On this Mobile Tracker Software Free Download Review site this has been my 2nd choice out of the two of them even though I have purchased both.

Spybubble has just got so much to offer, the support is great and this spy software has a large list of features that fit my needs, considering my personal situation it seemed to offer everything that I required at the time.

“I would recommend Spybuble as your 2nd Choice. The product great and the software lives up to its claim in every way.”

Lastly Highster Mobile, Once again the parental control and cell spying mobile tracker software is not a free download but the software has impressed me. When I first got this software I only needed to do a certain number of things when it came to tracking my daughters Mobile.

The Highster Mobile tracking software has over delivered on every aspect and being the cheaper of the two it was by far the better of the two especially since it does do things that spybubble can’t. I actually use the both of these spy programs in conjunction with each other but Highster Mobile is all you really need, very easy to setup and use as well.

I do feel that Highster Mobile is a little better software, with that said the Spybubble software being a little dearer to get all the features I would then recommend you go with Highster Mobile.

“This Mobile Tracker Software gets a full both thumbs up from me.”

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